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Have you ever wanted to know more about Makeup?

Is there a group of you? Do you fancy a demo in your salon? Or would you like to host a specialist themed makeup party?

We can cover a range of specialist makeup tutorials including:

Airbrush skills.

( Great for people starting out with their 1st Airgun )

Camouflage skills for skin conditions and scar coverage.

( Great for charities and private clients seeking coverage cosmetics and skills )

Discreet makeup skills for men.

( Great for men seeking a way to discreetly cover blemishes or acne scarring )

HD Film & Photography makeup skills.

( Great for Film students and Photographers needing to know the basics )

Basic or professional SFX skills and product knowledge.

( Great for individuals looking to study SFX skills or just fancy having a go pre-enrolment )

Theatrical makeup for amateur or professional dramatic groups.

( Great if your putting on a production or have a scene with provides you with a visual challenge )


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Christophe Firth Specialist Professonl Makeup
Christopher Firth Specialist Professional Makeup